Advanced HR 2.0 – Changing a Pay Rate

Advanced HR 2.0 – Changing a Pay Rate

The Compensation screen displays the employee’s primary rate or salary amount. You can view all of the employee’s current and historical compensation (pay rate) changes.

In Advanced HR, you don’t change a pay rate, you add a new primary pay rate. New pay rates will have an effective date associated with them in order to maintain the employee’s compensation history.

After adding a new pay rate; the Compensation screen will show the old and new pay rates, each with an effective date. An employee can have an additional pay rate. In that case, the different pay rate for the employee can be entered on the HR Admin – Employee Maintenance – Alternate Rate screen.

The (Compensation) Change Reason field mentioned below can be populated with reason codes by the Admin using the HR Admin – Company Setup – Compensation Reason Code screen.

To enter a new pay rate for an employee:

      1. Go to HR Admin – Employee Maintenance – Compensation.
      2. The system displays the Compensation dashboard. The dashboard displays a list of all the employees’ compensation.
      3. To enter the new pay rate for an employee, click the + New button. The system displays the Compensation New Record screen.
      4. In the Employee section of the screen, select the Company and the Employee from the dropdowns, if not already selected.
      5. In the Compensation Info section, select the Effective Date when the new compensation rate for the employee will begin.
      6. Select the appropriate Pay Type (Hourly, Salary).
      7. Enter the new pay Rate (Hourly or Salary per pay period).
      8. In the Other Info section, the Change Reason and Comment fields are optional, however note that these fields can be useful for maintaining the pay rate history.
      9. Click the Save Changes button. The Compensation screen now shows the old and new pay rates, each with an effective date.

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