Evolution Classic – Processing a Payroll

Evolution Classic – Processing a Payroll

This article walks users through the basic steps of creating and processing a payroll in Evolution Classic. Creating and processing a payroll is a three step process:

Creating the Payroll


      1. Go to the Payroll – Payroll screen.
      2. Click the Company tab.
      3. Select and open the company.
      4. Click the Payroll tab.
      5. Click the plus sign button in the toolbar to create a new record. Result: a new line is created at the top of the grid for the new payroll batch. The check date defaults to the next scheduled check listed in the Company calendar.
      6. Complete the additional information about the payroll.
      7. Click Save and Commit. Result: the Payroll – Batch screen opens to the Batch tab, where the checks are created.


Creating the Batch

Once a payroll has been created and saved on the Payroll – Payroll screen, the Payroll – Batch screen opens.

      1. Click the Create Batch button (Note: Most payrolls require only one batch, however, more than one batch may be created if needed).
      2. Create the batch using the default data or make changes as required.
      3. Post and commit changes. Result: A pop-up opens asking “would you like to auto-create checks for this batch”.
      4. Click Yes in most situations. If No, checks will not be created and must be created manually. Result: The checks in the batch are created. To create additional batches, repeat steps 1 through 3 for each batch.
      5. Click the Quick Entry tab (Quick Entry only works on payrolls with one pay frequency) and do the following for each check:
            1. Verify the sorting order is appropriate for entering check data. The default sort order is set up on the Company – General – Company Info – Payroll & Employees tab. Click the column heading to sort in ascending or descending order.
            2. Enter the check amounts.
            3. Press Enter to navigate to the next column, or to the first column in the next row.
      6. Go to the Payroll – Check screen to enter additional details about the check, if needed.
      7. Click Save when finished.
      8. Click the Batch button to return to the Payroll – Batch – Quick Entry tab.
      9. Click the Batch Totals button. Result: The Earnings and Deductions tab opens.
      10. Verify the totals for each E/D code for the batch, and the number of checks.

If the totals or the number of checks are incorrect:

      1. Select the E/D code with the incorrect amount from the left-hand column.
      2. Select the employee in the right pane.
      3. Press the CTRL key + Enter to see the Payroll – Check – Check Lines tab.
      4. Click the Checks button and make the correction.
      5. Click the Batch button to return to the Payroll – Batch screen.


Pre-processing and Submitting the Payroll


Pre-processing a Payroll

Pre-processing lets users check the totals of the payroll without actually processing. To verify payroll totals prior to processing, pre-process the payroll and then run the Payroll Register Report (S109) against the waiting payroll. Pre-processing can be done as many times as necessary.

      1. Go to the Payroll – Payroll – Payroll tab.
      2. Select the waiting payroll and click the Pre-Process button.
      3. Click OK in the pop-up screen that opens asking if you want to pre-process this payroll. Result: the payroll is pre-processed.
      4. Verify the totals.


Submitting a Payroll


      1. Click the Submit Payroll button on the Payroll – Payroll – Payroll tab. The payroll is processed normally.
      2. if a Payroll Specialist is needed to review the payroll, click the SB Review button on the Payroll tab. Result: Evolution submits the payroll, but puts it on hold and prompts the user to email the Payroll Specialist.

The Payroll Specialist reviews the payroll, addresses any issues, and processes the payroll. When the job is complete, the status on the Payroll – Payroll – Payroll tab changes to a P.

As always, we are here to walk you through this or any other process you need help with. You can reach out to us toll free at (866) 757-8111 Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-5:00PM and Fridays 8:00AM-4:30PM Central Standard Time.