How To Buy A Biometric Time Clock For Your Small Business

How To Buy A Biometric Time Clock For Your Small Business

Understanding Time Clock Categories

Let’s start at a high level and outline the categories of time clocks. Knowing what is available is the first step in understanding what you need.

Time clocks for small business come in a wide range of types and styles. Small businesses use them to track time and attendance data. Time clocks allow employees to “clock in” and “clock out” from their work schedule. Employee time clocks track employee starting and ending shift times. They also track start and end times for breaks and meals.

Time clocks are important for small business because they help keep accurate records. They also protect against potential lawsuits and payroll audits. Time clocks are essential in an automated system and can save more money than they cost.

Here’s a review of biometric time clocks for small businesses:

Biometric Time Clocks

A biometric time clock is a hardware device. The hardware uses biometrics to confirm an employee’s identity. Common biometrics include fingerprints, palm-prints, iris scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

Software powers a biometric clock and is usually very smart about keeping time stats. Biometric clocks automate the process of clocking in or out based on your most recent action.

They are often connected to an access point such as a door or gate. Activating the clock opens the door which helps avoid missed “punches.” Employees record entering and leaving an area, indicating their current status.

Biometrics are leading-edge technology and can be expensive. Yet, their efficient ability to confirm identity can offset the cost.

How Does A Biometric Time Clock Help My Company?

Biometric employee time clocks are catching on with small business for many reasons. For starters, they are easy to set up and operate.

One of the key advantages of a biometric time clock is that there are no passwords to forget or fobs to lose. Employees use their physical attributes to confirm their identity. The simple act of touching the device records the time and assigns it to that specific employee. This helps reduce errors and technical support requirements.

Speed is another advantage. Biometric clocks operate fast and can reduce bottlenecks at shift start and end times.

Biometric clocks also help protect a small business from buddy punching. Clocks that need biometric input confirm the right person is clocking in. No more sharing a fob with a co-worker to punch in early.

The savings in buddy punching alone justifies the cost of a biometric clock. If you have a problem with buddy punching, a biometric clock is the best way to go.

What Are The Cons Of Biometric Time Clocks?

There aren’t too many drawbacks to using biometric clocks. They are gaining popularity for good reasons.

One drawback is that biometrics demand employees interact with the physical hardware. Granted, this is a key selling point of biometric clocks. But if you have mobile employees, it won’t solve your entire problem.

Another thing to consider is the environment. Biometrics need clean hands and dust-free environments. If your employees work in dirty or abrasive conditions, consider a different solution.

Who Uses Biometric Time Clocks?

Hospitality industries use biometrics to manage large staffs and frequent shift changes. This includes hotels, convention centers, and traditional office environments. Quick access and no need for fobs or cards makes clocking in and clocking out faster for large groups.

Biometrics are also gaining popularity in the healthcare and patient care industries. Biometrics help meet regulatory requirements. Biometrics can help assure qualified personnel are in the right place at the right time.

Hospitals use biometric employee time clocks to confirm identity. Concern for security and accuracy is a key factor for this type of workplace. Large numbers of employees and varying shift routines are also considerations for any hospital. If your company is a healthcare provider, TimeWorksTouch is a great option.

Biometric time clocks are a product offered to Payroll Partners clients for just a few dollars a month. We can get you up and running with a timekeeping solution in minutes. Contact us today to book a demo.