Improve Your Cash Flow With Your Workers’ Comp Policy

Improve Your Cash Flow With Your Workers’ Comp Policy

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are facing unprecedented times as the result of COVID-19. Cash flow and cash management has never been more important!

You’re likely looking for ways to reduce costs and cut expenses; Payroll Partners has teamed up with E-COMP to offer a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation program that helps our clients do just that.

Here’s how E-COMP helps you improve cash flow and reduce your monthly expenses:

Here’s the ECOMP process:

      1. Payroll Partners processes your payroll each pay period.
      2. Employee and wage census data is automatically sent to the insurance partners.
      3. Premiums are calculated and remitted to the insurance carrier.
      4. Once policy is written, Payroll Partners sends payroll data to E-COMP daily or weekly.
      5. E-COMP/Insured classifies employees and calculates premium.
      6. Email is sent to client with payment amount, and ACH debit takes place two days later.

Get quotes in minutes or send a request for a quote. Either way, together with E-COMP, we’re making it simple to re-finance your current directly billed workers’ compensation policy to a no deposit pay-as-you-go policy. Payroll Partners removes the manual process of reporting payroll for pay-go policies, eliminating the deposit and maximizing cash flow.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions. Stay safe, healthy and positive during these unprecedented times!