NOTICE: Timekeeping System Updates are Coming!

NOTICE: Timekeeping System Updates are Coming!

Be Prepared For “Time Card Auto-Finalization” and “WebClock” Updates

Starting the first week in February, SwipeClock, our timekeeping system provider, will begin rolling out system changes that may affect the UI appearance or process for some of our clients. This notice provides an outline of changes plus links to more information in the SwipeClock Support Center. These changes are going to be system-wide and apply to all timekeeping system clients.

Time Card Auto-Finalization

Starting approximately February 5th, the SwipeClock timekeeping system will begin automating the time card finalization process for all client accounts. This feature has been highly requested and ensures that historical hours match paid amounts for compliance. Finalization enhances system performance and faster time card generation.

During this process, all pay periods older than the last two will be finalized. Going forward with each new pay cycle, the oldest open period will be finalized. Pay periods can be un-finalized manually if needed.

More information on this process can be found here.

WebClock and ESS Login UI Updating

SwipeClock recently rolled out a new and improved login for WebClock 3.0. This update makes the login a “universal login” for everything the employee needs to access online. More specifically, employees can now access the WebClock and their timekeeping employee portal (ESS) from the same login screen.

Key things to note:

      • Starting February 5th, this update will be implemented automatically by SwipeClock for ALL users. No action is required by clients but the user interface will change for all earlier versions of WebClock, Employee Self Service Portal and WebClock 2.

      • Complete detail and “how to” information is available from the SwipeClock Support Center here.

We appreciate your business and hope that these new features will reduce confusion while enabling you to take advantage of additional features that may streamline your workload and maximize value for your organization.


The Payroll Partners Team