Using the Open Enrollment Wizard in Advanced HR 2.0

Using the Open Enrollment Wizard in Advanced HR 2.0

Employees use the Open Enrollment wizard in Advanced HR 2.0 to make their benefit elections.

Once the Open Enrollment is live, the employee will see an Open Enrollment link in the My Benefits tile on their My HR menu tab.


Open Enrollment is a Benefits Wizard that will take the employee through enrolling in the available Benefit Plans. If there are concurrent Open Enrollment Periods, the wizard will display all of them that are available to this employee.


Note: The specific Step numbers and labels displayed in the open enrollment process may vary depending on which specific benefits plans that the Service Bureau is offering to the company’s employees. The system will not create buttons/steps on the screen for benefit plan items that are not offered by the employer.

The employee must click on the Next button on each screen to move forward in the Wizard.

For example, if the Employer does not offer a Vision plan, the Vision step and button will not display in the Open Enrollment Wizard if it is not offered and the step numbers will be adjusted accordingly.
The user clicks on the My Benefits – Open Enrollment menu item to begin using the Wizard.


Click the Begin Enrollment button and the system displays the following Open Enrollment wizard screen:

Step 1 – Introduction

The user will see any introductory text the company has set up to display here.


The user clicks the blue Next button to proceed.

Step 2: Personal Information

The employee can edit any of their personal information. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. You click the blue New button to proceed to the next screen.


Step 3: Dependents

The employee should only be verifying this information is correct as it will be automatically visible during open enrollment process. They also can enter dependent information here.


When entering Dependent Information, you’ll be asked to provide the following required information:
•    Relationship type
•    First, middle, and last name
•    Birthdate

You’ll also be asked to provide the following optional information:
•    Social security number
•    Insured status
•    Student status
•    Gender
•    Address
•    Phone numbers
•    Email address

Note that a Dependent is a Beneficiary check box may display on the Dependents screen if a Basic Life benefit plan is being offered. If checked, the system will add or update the dependent in the Beneficiary table.

Steps 4 – 6: Medical, Dental & Vision

The employee will be able to choose themselves and/or the dependents for the plans in which they are enrolling. They will then need to select the plan and click Next.

Note: If an employee is declining coverage for any reason, they should check the box next to “I decline Medical coverageSteps 5 & 6 will be “I decline Dental” and “I decline Vision” respectively.


Step 7: Beneficiaries

The employee will be able to verify their beneficiary information. They can click on a row to view or edit the details or to delete a beneficiary. To add a beneficiary, they click the grey + plus button. They can select a beneficiary from those listed here when they are choosing their plans.


Step 8: Basic Life

The employee can choose a Basic Life plan, if available.


Step N – N: Short Term Disability / Long Term Disability

The employee can choose a Short Term Disability (STD) plan and/or a Long Term Disability Plan, if available.


Step 9: Review

The employee will be able to view and submit their elections here by viewing the Benefits Summary section including total cost per paycheck. They will then sign the Acknowledgement and click on Submit Elections.



After submission, the Benefit Elections will go to the Base Admin user for approval. However, Employees will be able see their elections, and to make any necessary changes, up until the end date of the Open Enrollment period. Click the blue Make Changes button to edit the elections.


As always, we are here to walk you through this or any other process you need help with. You can reach out to us toll free at (866) 757-8111 Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-5:00PM and Fridays 8:00AM-4:30PM Central Standard Time.