Advanced HR 2.0 – Approving an Employee’s W-4 Form Change Request

Advanced HR 2.0 – Approving an Employee’s W-4 Form Change Request

Advanced HR 2.0 provides the ability for employees to make changes to their W-4 Form (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate). Once complete, the system will send the employee’s W-4 Form change request to the designated Manager/Admin for approval. Once the request has been approved by the Manager/Admin, the new information will then flow to payroll.

You can also set up Notifications that the system will send to additional designated individuals when certain W-4 Form change events occur. After approving the employee’s request, the Status on the W-4 screen changes to Approved.

1. After the employee submits a W-4 form change request, the appropriate Manager/Admin will:

    • Receive an email notification of the pending W-4 Form change request.
    • Also receive notice that there is a pending W-4 request on their company Dashboard, in the Employee W-4s (Pending) section on the right side of the Dashboard.

2. The Manager/Admin either clicks on the link in the email notification, or, they can quickly approve the employee’s request by clicking on the Open/Approve icon on their Dashboard.

3. The system displays the W-4 screen (HR Admin – Employee Maintenance – W-4).

4. Click on the row with a W-4 Status of Pending to display the details of the employee’s change request.

5. Review the information and, if applicable, in the W-4 Approval section at the bottom of the screen, click the Approve W-4 Application button.

Or, to reject the employee’s W-4 Form change request, click on the Reject W-4 Application button.

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