Business Automation Upgrades Your Employees Will Thank You For

Business Automation Upgrades Your Employees Will Thank You For

We all hate those little inefficiencies that start to drain on employee time throughout the day. They might seem small on their own, but when added up, they mean big time loss. From the back and forth before scheduling a meeting to the process of approving a new business purchase, you want to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Luckily, automation is changing the world of business one task at a time. Things that used to be a drain on company time now are a thing of the past. There are big consequences for using antiquated business processes instead of jumping on the latest trend. You run the risk of getting left behind the competition, something few can afford in this competitive time. If you’re ready to make vital updates, review these business automation ideas below.

1. Streamline Onboarding

When new employees start working at your company, you need to make a good impression. We’re currently in the middle of a talent crisis. Top talent is hard to find, so you need to make it a priority to keep the winning candidates you already have. Confusing, complicated onboarding processes leave a bad taste in your new employees’ mouths. They’ll think the rest of their experience with your organization will be equally unorganized.

Start off on the right foot with new hires. Show them you’re excited to have them join your team and that you know what you’re doing. A well-structured onboarding process is 58% more likely to keep your employees with your company for 3+ years. That’s a statistic you can’t ignore. Using one of the top award-winning solutions to onboard employees is a great first step towards an automated workplace.

2. Simplify Payments

If you have clients or customers who pay on a regular basis, you know how much time can be wasted tracking down payments. When employees have to repeatedly call or email in search of paid invoices, this is a drain on time and resources. Payments should be simple. This is the digital age after all!

Automated payment tools eliminate the need to track down forgetful clients. Tools like PaySimple and even Paypal can automate reminders for monthly payments and subscriptions. It’s even possible to do mobile transactions, something your clients will be thankful for.

3. Automated Email Marketing

Despite some common misconceptions, email marketing is not dead. Actually, it’s thriving. But remembering to send emails regularly to your clients, customers, and audience is time-consuming. Using a service that automates email campaigns makes it simple to onboard new clients, introduce new services, or even host email courses.

Tools like Constant Contact and MailChimp are built with automation in mind. If you’d rather a professional handle your email marketing, consider outsourcing to a skilled agency who can handle this aspect of your business for you. Learn more here about the top small business marketing solutions.

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4. Stop Wasting Time on Communication

We’ve all navigated the confusing back-and-forth that goes into collaboration. Working together is a great thing, but it isn’t always effective, especially over the internet. Using a project management tool like Trello or Slack can help keep everyone on the same page without having to scroll through endless emails and back-and-forth. With these tools, you can keep track of new tasks, meeting times, and project files.

5. Save Time Setting Appointments

Both employees and customers need to book essential appointments from time to time. However, nobody likes getting caught in the middle of a game of phone or email tag. This is not only a waste of time, but it’s a drain on employee energy. Allowing customers and employees to book these appointments digitally frees up a lot of time and saves on wasted phone calls.

Scheduling programs like BookSimple or Calendly allow customers or employees to book a time that you’ve already set as available. This means no more emails, phone calls, or lost time. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch.

You need to run a lean business if you want to succeed today. With so much competition, your time and your employee time is valuable. If you want to save yourself and your team the stress of these small inefficiencies, consider using these business automations above.

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