Does my business need automated timekeeping?

Does my business need automated timekeeping?

Whether you run a small “mom and pop” type of business or a fast-growing company with a large number of employees, you can benefit from utilizing an automated timekeeping system.

Why would a company need timekeeping to be automated? When you sign up with a timekeeping system such as TimeWorks Plus, you simplify payroll processing, time management and scheduling, and lower your labor costs.

  • The Employee Self Service portal enables employees and managers to review and approve their timecards improving accuracy and preventing disputes, thus saving administrative time
  • The Self Service portal also allows employees and managers to track and view accrued PTO and manage time-off requests. As the employer, you are notified and can approve or deny requests with one click
  • TimeWorks Plus enables employers to prevent common problems such as inflated wages, buddy punching, and time theft, as well as reducing overtime hours by tracking and approving actual employee time worked
  • Save valuable working hours by creating, adjusting, and managing schedules with an advanced scheduling system
  • TimeWorks Plus offers a variety of ways to collect employee punches: badge swipe, proximity cards/fobs, smartphone app, web browser, even several biometric clock options!

Not only does using an automated timekeeping system prevent time theft and human error in bookkeeping, but it helps employers to stay on the right side of the law. To stay compliant with state and federal labor laws (such as the Fair Labor Standard Act) TimeWorks Plus helps you maintain employee time records and regulate timekeeping and hours far better than keeping track of that information manually.

Lastly, it will be beneficial to utilize a system that will grow with your business. For a small, new business, a manual timekeeping system might work in the beginning, but as your business grows, you will want a more sophisticated system that will keep track of the growing number of employees and their information. Stay ahead of the curve by starting out with an automated timekeeping system.

Payroll Partners is here to provide our clients with an easy to use, customized timekeeping solution for you and your employees. Call us so we can discuss your timekeeping options!

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