Disaster Proof Your Payroll With Payroll Debit Cards

Disaster Proof Your Payroll With Payroll Debit Cards

Are you prepared to pay all your employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic or in the event of a natural disaster? Let us help with the NatPay Pay Card.

In this unprecedented time, we know that you are working to support employees, serve customers and protect your communities. As your organization navigates strategies to support all of your stakeholders, we are here to help.

For businesses that are offering remote work options, implementing other social distancing protocols or experiencing interruptions in regular business operations, paying people by check may have become more difficult or even impossible. Likewise, check cashing creates similar exposure for your employees.

Direct deposit and pay cards can provide more flexibility and reliability for both employers and employees. Once set up, wages can be funded instantly, and employees can access funds immediately from anywhere.

NatPay Pay Card Features:


    • Employers fund pay cards directly via ACH for free, reducing or eliminating paper check costs
    • Increase enrollment in direct deposit
    • Secure protection that eliminates fraud
    • Deliver wages in an efficient and compliant manner
    • Employees can spend, pay bills, transfer funds, manage money all on one card
    • Feature rich cardholder app
    • 24/7/365 cardholder support
    • Transparent low fee structure for employees

Provide an efficient and fast payroll solution for your employees, save time and money and deliver more by replacing checks with NatPay Pay Cards. Please contact us at (817) 226-8111 or robert@payrollpartners.com to sign up.