Help Your Church Track Employee Hours More Efficiently

Help Your Church Track Employee Hours More Efficiently

Start saving time and avoid costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked. Here are five time-saving things your church can do when implementing time sheets or a time clock:

    1. Collect employee data faster — There’s nothing more frustrating to a payroll administrator than waiting for, or chasing down, employees to get what’s needed to process payroll. Time sheets and time clock manage employee changes and hours/time data throughout the pay period in electronic format which is integrated into the payroll system.

    3. Correct and accurate payroll calculation and reporting — Anytime your team can reduce human error, you’ll spend less time correcting or delaying payroll. An automated time system also makes recording hours easier for remote workers, or when employees travel. Depending on the system, reports upload directly into your payroll system, reducing the need for manual entries.

    5. Re-focus your valuable time on more important ministry areas — In addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing you receive approved and accurate payrolls from your employees in a decipherable format, fewer manual entries and corrections means you’ll have more time to focus on other, more valuable areas of your ministry.

    7. Ensure employees are accurately reporting time — With an automated time system, you can set up security parameters to make sure the employee is the one reporting their own hours — and that they’re reporting them accurately. You also have the ability to monitor time in and out, meals, breaks and more. Remember, wages that are overpaid or underpaid can result in liabilities that put your church at risk for fraud, with the statute of limitations up to three years.

    9. Comply with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations and labor laws — ACA requirements have changed in the last few years — and it’s imperative to comply in order to avoid a penalty. An automated time system will help you track the number of employees you have and the hours worked, so you’ll know if you’re in compliance with standard labor laws, overtime and minimum wage.

An automated time system will not only save your church time and money, it will help reduce input errors and even give you  peace of mind that they’re being paid for their time accurately.

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