Payroll Partners Celebrates Career, Announces Retirement

Payroll Partners Celebrates Career, Announces Retirement

Changing gears from concerning headlines that are present daily, Payroll Partners wants to highlight a career worthy of celebration, respect and gratitude. Effective June 30, Gary Steele will step down as President of Payroll Partners and begin a well-earned retirement!

Gary left the banking world behind to launch Payroll Partners in 1996. His practicality and curiosity have been the catalyst for Payroll Partners’ growth and longevity. All along the way, he prioritized constant innovation and a culture of service that we will carry with us into the future.

In 2015, Gary proactively approached Payroll Partners’ leadership about his desired retirement and initiated succession planning. He invested countless hours in our staff and management team to ensure Payroll Partners would be well-equipped to maintain the same excellence to which clients have become accustomed. Rest assured, whether it is troubleshooting a timeclock, generating a tax report, or lending a listening ear – the Payroll Partners’ team anticipates continuing to serve our clients now and in the future.

As Gary completes his tenure of leadership at Payroll Partners, we want to thank him for being our boss, mentor, champion and friend during his 24 years of service. Please join us in congratulating Gary on a spectacular career!


The Payroll Partners Cabinet Team:
Robert Hernandez, Operations Manager
Aaron Longoria, Technical Services Manager
Lisa Jaggears, Client Services Manager
Naomi Meredith, Tax Manager