Workforce Management News: Smart Compliance

Workforce Management News: Smart Compliance

What’s the easiest way to maintain compliance with labor laws?

At Payroll Partners we provide a full suite of advanced, automated Workforce Management tools that track the crucial information that is needed for you to stay compliant with ACA and DOL regulations.

Take, for example, the Affordable Care Act. ACA standards can be complex to comply with because you have to know all your employees’ schedules and how many hours they’re going to work each week. With Workforce Management Suite, this type of information is tracked automatically and gives your supervisors total control. You can monitor, track, and make necessary changes instantly.

TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, and TimeWorksTouch make up Workforce Management Suite. You’ll be able to effortlessly create and manage schedules, track how many hours each employee works, and your team members will be able to clock in and out more straightforward than ever.

Because our suite is fully integrated, you won’t have any issues getting all your time and attendance, scheduling, and other HR information synced together accurately. This is highly beneficial when you have to compile loads of information to safeguard you in case of an audit.

An additional benefit of streamlining regulatory compliance is having the capacity to adjust schedules to mitigate potential increases in labor costs resulting from new standards. The hefty fees and penalties that are associated with being non-compliant can be avoided with help from Payroll Partners.

Workforce Management Suite provides:

  • Compliance peace of mind
  • Smart tools to keep labor rates down
  • Employee Self Service for happier staff members
  • Innovative scheduling tools for a happier HR team

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Payroll Partners offers Workforce Management Suite, the powerful, fully-integrated Workforce Management Suite that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and business.

Workforce Management Suite includes TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, and TimeWorks Mobile. Workforce Management Suite is designed for busy employers like you who need to streamline scheduling, automate time and attendance tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and decrease labor costs.

How much can you save? Check our Payroll Partners ROI Calculator.

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