Labor Law Posters

Up-to-date, attorney approved all-In-one State and Federal labor law posters.

Two easy ways to stay up to date.

Federal and state law requires employers to post mandatory labor-related notices. We offer two easy, cost-effective solutions to choose from for year-round posting compliance.

E-Update Service

In addition to receiving an updated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription, we will automatically email an updated ready-to-print posting when a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements.

Poster Replacement Solution

For organizations that are not interested in the E-Update Service, you also have the option to purchase your All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law poster at any time.

We provide Labor Law Poster Solutions to keep your business compliant and minimize your liability year-round.

Improper posting can result in hefty fines and lawsuits or even increase the statute of limitation in a legal case. The Federal Budget for the enforcement of employment laws is an estimated $13.2 Billion. Communicating current employee laws and rights can strengthen an employer’s legal defense.

Workplace Harassment


Gender Equity

Employee Disputes


Working Conditions

OSHA compliance

Labor Board or EEOC inquiries

Key Statistics and Information

Keeping up-to-date with labor law posting requirements is a difficult task that all employers are required to undertake. This can be a time-consuming process that most businesses do not have the patience, resources or know-how to accomplish successfully. Our Labor Law Poster Solutions take the worry, headache and uncertainty out of posting compliance while protecting your business year-round.

Federal posting fines total over $34,000

Posting and OSHA penalties increase every year

Over 100 posting updates per year since 2013

City and County posting requirements are changing across the US

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