Workers’ Compensation

Save time and save money with pay-as-you-go Workers' Compensation.

Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp

A better way to manage Workers’ Compensation.

Take advantage of a Workers’ Compensation plan that makes sense with “pay as you go.”

No large premium deposit up front.

Premiums calculated on actual payroll, not estimates.

No big year-end adjustments and audits.

A Workers’ Compensation solution that is
fully integrated with payroll.

Your premiums are calculated and paid based on actual payroll amounts… each and every pay period.

Comparison – Old vs. New

View a brief comparison how Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation is saving employers time and money compared to traditional insurance plans. 





Estimated, based on projected payroll.

Calculated each pay period.


Monthly/quarterly audit reports.

No monthly/quarterly audit reports.


Year-end, on site or phone audit.
Additional premium or refund due.

Internally managed. Minimal adjustment
and paperwork.

“Our auditor was very impressed by the reports we were able to produce through Payroll Partners. She even asked who our payroll company was because she had never seen the reports we were able to generate and said they all tied out “to the penny.” She also said that in the future, the entire audit process could be done without coming to our facility. Once again, Payroll Partners has gone above and beyond the traditional payroll company.Thank you for helping to make this audit process so quick and painless. We truly appreciate it!”


-Angie, Medical Industry, Arlington, Texas

Multiple Insurance Carriers

Our partnership with E-Comp allows us to offer a broad mix of carrier options across all 50 states to place with the best fit for your Workers’ Compensation insurance needs. Our program is also coupled with complete program management, professional services to assist you along the way,

Competitive Rates


With our selection of carriers, not only will you benefit from cash savings with a pay-as-you-go plan, but you’ll also gain access to competitive, market leading rates on your Workers’ Compensation program.

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