Time & Attendance

Reduce labor and overtime costs.
Increase productivity, and minimize compliance risk.

Simplify time management.
Lower your cost of labor.

Few tools can reduce labor costs, administration and compliance risk better than automated timekeeping, all while increasing employee productivity, flexibility and accountability.

Simple to set up.

Quick to learn for your staff.

Simple data transmission to payroll.

Mobile – Accountability for employers…

And convenience for employees.

Convenient time management

Empower employees and supervisors to manage, request and approve their time with ease. When everyone has the data they need, convenience and accountability improve.

Increase Productivity

Improve employee and supervisor productivity. Employees arrive late, leave early and take long breaks. Help them conveniently manage their hours,

Reduce labor costs and administration

Reduce overtime, inflated wages and time theft. Save HR, managers and employees hours each month tracking and approving employee time.

Simplify Time Management

Your staff is busy, from HR to supervisors and employees. Start saving time each pay period with these and many other time-saving features.

Mobile Time App

Online time card approval

Integrated scheduling option

Employee Self Service

PTO Accruals

GPS Punch Tracking

Electronic Time Off Requests

Plug-and-play time clocks

ACA Tracking

Time Clock Options

We offer many ways to conveniently collect employee punches.


Clock in/out through a simple badge swipe.


Clock in/out via employee PIN.


Clock in/out via web browser.


Clock in/out via mobile app or telephone call.


Verify your employees clocking in/out.


Clock in/out by scanning a prox/RFID key fob.

Online Scheduling

Save hours creating, adjusting and managing employee work schedules with an advanced scheduling solution. With email and text collaboration, supervisors and employees can tackle shift changes in a matter of minutes without all the difficulties and phone calls.

Employee Leave Tracking

When employees need time off, it affects everyone. Processing the leave request can be disruptive, and tracking the leave can also be a challenge. Simplify both with automated, online tracking.

Start saving on labor and overtime.

Employee labor is one of the greatest expenses an employer has. Automated timekeeping is perhaps the best way to control and reduce the cost. Here are some ways how:


  • Eliminate costly “punch rounding” in the employee’s favor
  • Control regular and overtime wages
  • Prevent “buddy punching”
  • Minimize time theft
  • Stop paying for late arrivals and early departures
  • Minimize extended breaks and lunches
  • Cut hours of payroll prep time
  • Reduce human error in payroll

Mobile Timekeeping App

Add convenience and save your staff time with time and attendance on-the-go. If you have employees working remotely or in the field, start tracking time accurately with GPS pinpoint punch tracking. Make it convenient for your employees to manage their time, request time off, approve time cards and more.


For supervisors, seeing who’s clocked in, approving time off requests, or clocking in a group of employees at once has never been so convenient.

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