Solve Late Time Cards: Make Sure Employees Turn In Timesheets

Solve Late Time Cards: Make Sure Employees Turn In Timesheets

Make Sure Employees Are Turning In Their Time Cards

Late time cards are a problem for all types of companies. But they shouldn’t be.

Why Are On Time, Accurate Time Cards Critical?

Accurate, on time timesheets:

  1. Are necessary to pay your employees
  2. Are necessary to bill your clients
  3. Are necessary to allocate time and resources
  4. Are legally mandated by the Department of Labor (DOL)

Regardless of their importance, do your employees forget?  You can make sure your employees turn in their time cards with TimeWorksPlus.

TimeWorksPlus Is Better Than Excel And Google Docs

  • Digital time cards created and tracked automatically
  • Staff members and managers access from their cell phone
  • Syncs to a physical, web-based, or biometric time clock

TimeWorksPlus Timekeeping Features:

  • Eliminate missed punches
  • Track meals and breaks
  • Transfer departments with job costing
  • Prevent early punches with schedule enforcement

Train Employees On Time Card Submission

Even with a timekeeping system, you can’t neglect training. Instruct thoroughly during onboarding. Send weekly reminders. Make it part of their performance review.

Remember, submitting accurate time cards by each pay period deadline is an essential job role. Period.

While we’re on the subject of time cards, let’s address the legal issues.

Do I Have To Pay When An Employee Doesn’t Turn In A Timesheet?

Yes. You can’t withhold pay. Under federal and state wage and hour laws, it’s your responsibility to track staff members’ hours.

What If Someone Doesn’t Submit Their Timesheet?

When a staff member doesn’t turn in a time card, estimate from their past time cards or shift schedules.  Remember that you will have to make up for it next time you run payroll. Hopefully, you will have their accurate timesheet by then.

Record your efforts to get the worker to turn in their hours. Save emails or texts. The paper trail will protect you in case they allege underpayment.

Timeworks Plus Solves Late Time Cards

TimeWorksPlus is an automated web-based system from Payroll Partners. It creates digital time cards as your employees clock in and out. It’s affordable for the smallest businesses.

Upgrade your time and attendance system to TimeWorksPlus and solve your late time card problem.


Payroll Partners offers TimeWorksPlus, the Workforce Management System that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your supervisors, employees, and organizational processes.

TimeWorksPlus  was developed for busy employers like you who need to reduce cost-per-hire, streamline scheduling, automate time tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and decrease labor costs.

We can get you up and running with TimeWorksPlus immediately. Contact us today at 1-866-757-8111 and/or to request a demo.


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