How to “Spring Clean” Your HR

How to “Spring Clean” Your HR

Springtime in the ministry world is all about getting ready for Easter, but now that Easter is over, we can all take a collective breath as we refocus our attention to the rest of 2022.

If you haven’t already begun to jump into your spring cleaning, it’s time to get rolling. We’re not talking about brooms and squeegees here (although it may be time for that, too…). We’re talking about an intentional polish for all things HR.

We’ve mapped out a handful of spring cleaning items we recommend both as a best practice for you as an HR professional and as a great way to care for your staff.



Let your staff know you care about them in the big things (like their paychecks) and the little things (like their chair’s lumbar support). Shoot them a thoughtfully crafted email with some of the following reminders like the examples below:

Digitally declutter.


  • Set aside some time to get your inbox in order.
  • Make sure your email signature and out-of-office responses are up to date.
  • When was the last time you did a Windows update? Let your computer load the latest and greatest while you grab a fancy cup of coffee on us.


Cubicle cleanout.


  • Take a day this week to organize your office, desk or shared workspaces.
  • Reorder supplies or update equipment as needed (or submit requests to the office admin) and consider donating any unwanted supplies (that printer is SO 2021…).


Spring spruce up.


  • Reorganize! Move some furniture!
  • When was the last time you updated those family photos…maybe you’ve had a new kid since then; get a new picture frame or plant! We’re down for all the small changes that make your workspace more effective or enjoyable.


Summer scheduling.


  • Request time off for your summer vacation (yes, we expect you to take one so plan it if you haven’t already.)
  • While you’re in your calendar, update your availability for the summer months, if applicable.
  • Take a look at work events, too, and submit maintenance of facility requests for summer programming.


By encouraging and enabling staff to stay organized and feel good in their workspace, you’re really showing you care for their overall wellness! A little goes a long way here–don’t underestimate the power of a $10 gift card to Hobby Lobby or Starbucks.



New year, new rules. Compliance is tricky and ever-changing. Organization is vital to the health and effectiveness of your HR practices. Make sure you’re practicing what you preach and cleaning up your clutter, too. Then take some time to do the following:

Clear out termed employees.


  • In accordance with retention schedules, it may be time to purge I9s, and scan and destroy termed employee documents.


Update files.


  • Catch up on any filing that’s sitting in the corner of your desk.
  • Maybe even get crazy and convert your employee files to digital (this is 2022, after all)!


Review pay and benefits.


  • Many churches start a new fiscal year in the coming months, so now’s the time to review benefits and pay scales.


Update your staff handbook.


  • Update all policies and plan to review them at staff meetings throughout the rest of the year.


Digital details.


  • Make sure your contact info, office hours and descriptions are accurate on your website and social media–especially as things get more back to “normal”.


Appreciate your staff. Again.


  • We know you already sent them to Hobby Lobby with the church card, but consider a little something extra to boost morale: handwritten notes are a super-easy way to show you care. Stock the breakroom fridge with their favorite drinks or splurge on that new coffee maker–you know the one.


Let’s harness all that good springtime energy and use it to clean up and clear out your HR. You’ll be feeling all the warm and fuzzy long after those Easter lilies have wilted and you start planning Christmas. In July.


Original content by the HR Ministry Solutions. This information is provided with the understanding that Payroll Partners is not rendering legal, human resources, or other professional advice or service. Professional advice on specific issues should be sought from a lawyer, HR consultant or other professional.