Advanced HR 2.0 – Approving a Direct Deposit Request

Advanced HR 2.0 – Approving a Direct Deposit Request

Existing Advanced HR 2.0 clients, please follow the steps outlined below in order to approve an employee direct deposit request in Advanced HR 2.0:

Base Admin and Base Manager roles can approve or reject an employee’s direct deposit request. Follow the steps below:

    1. The user receives an email notification of an employees direct deposit request submission.
    2. Click on the link.
    3. The system displays the Direct Deposits dashboard.


Note that:

  • Base Admins can see all direct deposit requests for the entire company.
  • Base Managers see only those direct deposit requests from employees they supervise.


    1. On the Dashboard, click on the name of the employee that displays Pending in the Status column.


    1. On the Details screen, edit any information about the direct deposit request, if needed.
    2. In the Deduction Info section, select the direct deposit Deduction Code. These are the E/D Codes from Evolution Classic set up specifically for direct deposit.


    1. Change the Approval Status from Pending to Approved (or to Rejected to reject the request).
    2. Click Save Changes.

As always, we are here to walk you through this or any other process that you need help with. You can reach out to us toll free at (866) 757-8111 Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-5:00PM and Fridays 8:00AM-4:30PM Central Standard Time.