Build A More Engaged Workforce With Employee Absence Management

Build A More Engaged Workforce With Employee Absence Management

Do your employees take time off? Of course they do; that was a rhetorical question. Everyone takes time off, and that’s why absence management is so critical for today’s workforce management.

Employees take time off for a variety of reasons. Time off can include everything from planned vacations to unplanned emergencies. Each has its challenges.  For instance, planned vacation time is often for longer periods of time. This can make waves in your scheduling process, or create coverage gaps that require temporary help.

Emergencies are also challenging. When an employee calls in sick, or has a problem with transportation or child care, it can throw a swivel in your swing shift. It’s enough to keep a manager up at night.

Absence management is the process of managing employee time off. It’s becoming critical for several reasons. Stability during absence is critical to maintaining ongoing service. Improving return-to-work success rates helps you save on training and hiring costs.

Employee absences cost money. In a workgroup of 15 employees, a company will lose 105 days of productivity each year. And there’s more… Lost productivity due to workforce disruption can impact profits. When employees cover for an absent coworker, extra effort results in lower efficiency.

WorkforceHUB allows you to create and install an effective absence management plan. It includes tools to collect and measure absence data. Managers can use this data to improve absence plans and refine communication protocols. WorkforceHUB offers tools to build an effective absence management plan.

Let’s look at three ways WorkforceHUB can help you build a more engaged workforce:

Measure: WorkforceHUB time and attendance allows you to track employee attendance. Measuring employee attendance is the first step in gathering important data.

Analyze: WorkforceHUB allows you to view insightful reports. There are even options to export data for external comparison in a spreadsheet. Reports give you an overview of absence trends, troublesome employees and seasonal swings.

Plan: Using WorkforceHUB can help you better understand the causes of absence. Collecting and analyzing data will give you a basis for effective planning. WorkforceHUB can help you better manage your employee time off. Whether planned or unplanned, WorkforceHUB gives you tools to measure, analyze and plan your schedule.

Improve employee engagement, reduce sick days, and save money in lost productivity. Ask us about WorkforceHUB today.


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