COVID-19 Updates For Current and Prospective Clients

COVID-19 Updates For Current and Prospective Clients

We’re committed to not only delivering trusted and valuable service and expertise to you and your employees, but also to providing insight into relevant trends to help you better understand your employees and the marketplace.

Since the pandemic began in March, Mammoth HR, our HR partner, has been surveying employers on a near-weekly basis, revealing some important trends. We want to share with you 3 key insights based on responses from 10,630 employers last quarter:

Employer business confidence is trending downward

Employer confidence has taken a downturn over the last month, most likely as the result of rising uncertainty about the trajectory of the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. In early June, 33% of employers said they were “very optimistic” about their business outlook for the next three months. As of last week, that number had dropped to 27% of employers.

Employers are less confident in their ability to operate a healthy and safe workplace

Operational confidence that was likely tied to optimistic reopening of businesses in late spring has dropped as health and safety remains a key concern. Between May 21 and June 25, the number of employers who said they were “very confident” that they will meet workplace safety expectations dropped from 40% to 29%.

Employers increasingly see online training as a critical path

In response to Mammoth HR’s surveys, 70% of employers report having increased their reliance on online employee training during the pandemic. The two most important topics are Health & Safety and Leadership/Development, respectively. Harassment & Discrimination, previously ranked first, has dropped to third.

The COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated legislative change and sparked societal transformation. Mammoth HR’s data make it clear the challenges faced by employers go well beyond compliance and are impacting nearly every part of their organization.

In light of that, Mammoth HR’s COVID-19 innovation task force has identified a number of steps we can take to empower clients in the face of their most pressing needs. We believe we can make the most impact in three key areas: Remote Work, Business Continuity and Preservation, and Workplace Safety. We’re currently evaluating proposals related to these three areas and are committed to continuing to enhance the resources and tools available to you over the next six months.

The Payroll Partners and Mammoth HR Teams

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