Can Clergy Use Home Equity Loans to Qualify for the Housing Allowance?

Can Clergy Use Home Equity Loans to Qualify for the Housing Allowance?

If you managed to pay off your home mortgage this year, congratulations! However, you may notice that you have a lot fewer expenses to claim for your housing allowance at the end of the year. With less housing expenses, you also have less income exempt from income tax, and your tax bill may go up at tax time.

You may be wondering, could I take out a new loan on my home and use the payments as a housing expense just like the old loan? Yes, it is possible to take out a new mortgage or a home equity loan to use as a housing allowance expense… however, here is a very important note to consider:

IRS will not consider loan repayments as a qualifying housing expense UNLESS the funds from the loan are used for direct housing-related expenses.

Here’s an example: If you took out a home-equity loan to help pay for your child’s college education, you could not use the monthly mortgage payments as an expense for the housing allowance. Since you spent the money on college education instead of direct housing expenses, it does not qualify for the housing allowance.

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