Payroll Partners is Excited to Announce Our Partnership with FinFit

Payroll Partners is Excited to Announce Our Partnership with FinFit

Payroll Partners is excited to announce our partnership with FinFit. FinFit provides a short-term loan* option that offers a responsible solution for employees so they can worry less about finances and focus more on their job, all provided at no risk to your company**. Get your employees on the path to greater productivity with the must-have voluntary financial wellness benefit everyone is talking about.

When you enroll your company in FinFit, you are taking the first step towards improving productivity and improving employee job satisfaction.  Thanks to Payroll Partners, FinFit is already integrated into your payroll system, so there’s no work required by you or your staff.

FinFit provides an engaging financial education training program for your employees and lets you outsource the burden of lending money to your employees so you don’t have to be involved in your employee’s financial struggles.

You can get started with no-work and no-risk to your company by clicking here. This program:

  • Provides an easy-to-use, self-directed online Financial Wellness program
  • Requires no investment of time or finances by your company
  • You are never responsible for a FinFit loan, even if the employee quits or is terminated

If you have more questions and/or are interested in using the FinFit program for your employees, contact us today for more information.

*Subject to credit approval; although no credit check is required, employee must meet eligibility requirements.

**The FinFit platform is entirely self-contained. No consultants will call your employees or require time and resources from your company to deliver the service. FinFit loans are provided at no risk to business partners and employers. Should an employee fail to pay a loan, there is no liability to the business partner or the employer.

FinFit’s Financial Wellness program which includes educational content, financial assessment, and financial dashboard are free to registered members. Loans and other ancillary services offered may incur fees and/or interest. All fees will be disclosed prior to entering into any agreements. FinFit loans are issued by Celtic Bank,a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC.