Payroll Partners, CPAs and Benefit Brokers: A Strategic Partnership!

Payroll Partners, CPAs and Benefit Brokers: A Strategic Partnership!

Benefit brokers, are you spending precious hours trying to get accurate payroll and tax reports from your clients? As your backlog of unfinished business grows, so does your time at the office. Let Payroll Partners free you from tedious payroll data so you can focus on more productive tasks for your clients.

Working alongside you and your clients, we can deliver complete, accurate payroll, insuring all employee time, payroll expenses and benefit deductions are correctly coded and posted to your clients’ general ledger. You’ll receive timely payroll and benefit reports and updated tax information. Set your own scheduling, knowing you have instant access to all payroll, time & labor, benefit and tax data and to our team.

Benefits to You


Information at Your Fingertips

Spend less time playing messenger and tracking down data. You’ll have instant online access to client payroll, employee leave, benefits, journal entries and tax files. And you can collaborate with our experienced team anytime to quickly glean details, modify benefits and update payroll.

Protect Your Client Base

While other big brand payroll, PEO and HR companies are busy competing against you, we focus on working with you. Combining your services with HCM services that enhance your clients’ role is vital to retaining business.

Ensure Your Clients Stay in Compliance

Payroll tax regulations on a federal, state, and local level change regularly. Keeping up with those changes to ensure proper calculations and payments can be challenging for employers. Mistakes are costly and time consuming. That burden is lifted when your clients process payroll with us.

Benefits to Your Customers


State-of-the-Art Data Protection

Payroll Partners keeps your customers’ human resources data beyond the reach of hackers by protecting it with System Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Intrusion Detection Systems and Anti-Virus systems. Payroll Partners also offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for tokenization and access to your clients’ accounts.

Fair, Up-Front Pricing

Payroll Partners Human Capital Management solutions are designed to help businesses succeed by reducing costs at the front end, and eliminating unnecessary staffing costs going forward.

Reliable and Scalable Payroll, Timekeeping and HR Services

Payroll Partners provides full-service payroll processing, timekeeping and HR solutions for all types of businesses. Customers benefit from a No Contracts policy and a dedicated single point of contact for turnkey solutions from payroll processing to the addition of timekeeping and more.

Let’s Connect

There’s no better time than the present to launch a relationship with Payroll Partners. Simply call us at (817) 226-8111 or email us at and we will follow up with you to discuss a partnership. If you have a client you’d like us to reach out to about our HCM solutions, please click here to submit your referral.