Tax Implications of Accountable vs Non-Accountable Plans for Churches

Tax Implications of Accountable vs Non-Accountable Plans for Churches

If your Church is paying for your ministry-related expenses, it is important to know if you are being paid under an Accountable plan or a Non-Accountable plan. It has a huge impact on your 1040 taxes.

Under an Accountable plan, you are reimbursed for expenses. If you go out and buy a $10 book, you give the receipt to the Church and they reimburse you the $10. Another way of doing an accountable plan is by using a Church credit card. When you use a church credit card, the reimbursement is instantaneous.

Under a Non-Accountable plan, the Church pays you a set amount of money that does not directly relate to an expense. For example, the Church might give you $1,000 at the beginning of the year to use for ministry expenses. Or the Church might give you a monthly allowance of $100 for auto expenses. In either case, the amount of the money does not vary based on how much expense you have.

The big difference on your tax return?


  • Under an Accountable plan, your income is not taxable, and reimbursed expenses are not deductible.
  • Under a Non-Accountable plan, income is taxable, but expenses may be deductible on Schedule SE.

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