TimeWorksPlus Has Geofencing!

TimeWorksPlus Has Geofencing!

TimeWorksPlus Geofencing

If you need to know if employees are working at the correct location, you need geofencing.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a mobile tracking tool that can define a virtual boundary. The virtual boundary is called a geofence. It is based on the genuine physical location.

The Geofence Triggers an Action

Creating a virtual boundary is the first step. The second part is the action that occurs when a connected mobile device (and its owner!) enters the geofence. For example, a monitoring app can send a text to a parent when their son or daughter arrives home.

How Do You Use Geofencing in TimeWorksPlus?

In TimeWorksPlus, draw a geofence around a site on a map. Assign employees to the geofence.

TimeWorksPlus tracks their location relative to the geofence.

Benefits of TimeWorksPlus Geofencing


      • Quickly view out-of-bounds punches
      • Identify employees who clock in or out beyond their authorized location
      • Receive a signal if a punch occurs outside the fence
      • Generates reports of punch times and locations for a specific employee or group
      • Track mobile employee hours for accurate payroll
      • Retain time cards for FLSA recordkeeping
      • Employees don’t have to fill out timesheets
      • Enforce time and attendance guidelines
      • Employees know when they are on the job site
      • Track hours per project or job location


Dealing With Employee Time Theft?

TimeWorksPlus with geofencing is your solution. Employees can’t clock in when they aren’t in their authorized work location. For additional time theft prevention, use schedule enforcement.

Oversight for Time AND Place

Geofencing prohibits out-of-bounds punches. Schedule enforcement restricts out-of-schedule punches. For example, you can restrict employees from clocking in more than ten minutes before their shift begins.

TimeWorksPlus guarantees your mobile employees are WHERE they should be, WHEN they should be.


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