Advanced HR 2.0 – Creating a Review Type

Advanced HR 2.0 – Creating a Review Type

Review types are the names or categories given to different kinds of reviews for a company to use in the performance review process. For example:

      • An annual review
      • A 90 day review

review types.png

Each review type might have a different reviewer, template/document, or timeline associated with it. Review templates can be added to each review type to improve policy compliance and facilitate administration of reviews.

The Manager/Reviewer can see any of their scheduled reviews from their company Dashboard, in the Scheduled Reviews section. The employee’s Review dashboard will display any of the employee’s reviews: past, present, or future that are linked to this employee.

To Create a New Review Type


      1. To add a new review type, go to HR Admin – Company Setup – Review.
      2. The system displays the Review Types dashboard. The dashboard displays any existing review types. Click on a review type row to display more details about that review type.
      3. Click the + New button to add a new Review Type. They system displays the New Record screen.
      4. With the company selected, enter a Code and Description for the new review type in the Type Info section.
      5. At any time, you can change the Active toggle from Yes to No.
      6. The optional Priority field is used if you want to set the display order of the Review Types in the drop downs on other screens when assigning to employees. Otherwise, the system will display the codes in alpha-numeric order based on the Code type.
      7. In the Details section, you can enter a Review Template.
      8. Click the Save Changes or Save and Next Record button if you are creating multiple Review Types.

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