Using Onboarding Prep to Start the Onboarding Process in Advanced HR 2.0

Using Onboarding Prep to Start the Onboarding Process in Advanced HR 2.0

To start Onboarding, the first place you go to is Onboard Prep to begin the onboarding process and get the new hire’s preliminary information into the system. Onboarding Prep (sometimes also referred to as Self-Service Onboarding) is the process by which an Admin will start and the new hire will then complete the onboarding process themselves online. The Onboarding Prep process is described in this topic below.

Note: It’s important to note that the Onboarding Prep process is different from the Self Service Setup, which is the process of creating users en masse (in mass) or batches.

This section describes how to perform the Onboarding Preparation Process for a new hire employee.

    1. Go to HR Admin – Onboarding – OnBoard Prep.


    1. The system displays the Employee Onboarding Prep screens.

STEP 1 – Type of Hire and Basic Employee Information


    1. Enter the basic employee preparation information, if not already entered. When the correct information is entered, click the Let’s begin Onboarding button to be taken to the Employee Information screens.
      Note that Position and Onboarding Task List are required fields (Tax Form may be required as well). Remember, the Onboarding Task List includes the steps that you want the new hire to complete, and/or documents that you want them to sign off on. See the topics: Positions in Advanced HR 2.0 and Onboarding Task List for information about these fields.


Result: The system redisplays the screen with a series of sections the user completes with the new hire information:

    • Profile information (name, address, SSN…)
    • Compensation (pay type, frequency, rate…)
    • Payroll & Benefits information
    • Tax information
    • Employment information (position status, DBDT (ORG) level, reports to…)
    • User (used to link new hire to existing user)
    • Quick User Add function
    • User defined fields
    • Integration

Each section is described below.

STEP 2 – Fill out Profile section

Enter the new hire’s name, address, Social Security Number, birthdate, and email and phone contact information.

Note: The Email field is important as this is where the Welcome Email will be sent to invite the new hire to complete their onboarding information

Compensation section

Enter the new hire’s pay type and rate information.

Payroll and Benefits sections

Enter the new hire’s payroll information – Pay Frequency, Home State, and Standard Payroll Hours.

In the Benefits section, indicate if the new hire is Eligible for Benefits and select the Benefit Class / Eligibility Group.

Taxes section

Select the State and the SUI and SDI State.


Employment section

Enter the new hire’s employment information: employment type, status, DBDT information, compliance information and who the new hire reports to / supervisor.

Note the Eligible for Rehire Yes/No toggle switch.

User section

This section is where you can link the new hire to an existing user. You are basically doing two tasks; you are adding a new hire and you are also making the new hire a user in the system.

  • You can select an existing user in the Select existing user dropdown, if you have already created them.


  • Or, and more commonly, if the user does not already exist, by using the Quick Add User function, you can quickly add a user and assign them a role for access to the system. Click the Quick Add User button, and the system displays the Quick Add User screen. Since, as mentioned above, you have to create a User in the system, this ability will save time. Clicking on the Quick Add User button, a pop up will open for you to enter a Username (email address), Assign a Role (security), enter Contact info, and a Time zone. You can even Send a Welcome Email from this pop up that will give instructions to the new hire on logging in to their ESS.
  • Click Add User when complete. You’ll be taken back to the Employee Summary screen.
  • You’ll be taken back to the Employee Summary screen. Remember to click the green Link User button to link:
    •    The user
    •    The employee
    •    The company


User Defined/Custom section

This optional section is for creating user defined fields.

Integration section

This section is used to integrate the new hire with other systems such as Swipe Clock.


    1. Click the Submit OnBoarding Request button at the bottom of the screen when complete.

Note: Remember that usernames (emails) must be unique to the system. Advanced HR 2.0 will verify that the new user isn’t already being used. Quick User Add is meant as a fast way to add a user to the system with the most important fields. If other details about the user are to be entered, go to the User List (HR Admin – Company – User List) page after completion here to review or add those other details.

As always, we are here to walk you through this or any other process you need help with. You can reach out to us toll free at (866) 757-8111 Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-5:00PM and Fridays 8:00AM-4:30PM Central Standard Time.