Offer emergency short-term loans to your employees, at no cost to you!

Offer emergency short-term loans to your employees, at no cost to you!

Building a business takes the complete and total dedication of all involved. Making sure customers are delighted while ensuring you are getting the best return on your investments is paramount to success.

Finding ways to mitigate some costs can be a challenge.  First there is trying to promote your business with a minimal budget while at the same time ensuring that your employees are focused on building your business.  Here’s one way you can help your business now to address these costs:

Financial stress is a major contributing factor to employee performance. Employees may miss work or not be focused on work because they are addressing a personal financial crisis.  This can be reflected in absenteeism, poor performance or a perceived need for employers to help these stressed employees by providing an ‘advance on their salary’ or a ‘one-time gift.’

46% of employees spend an average of 2-3 workday hours/week on personal finances

– FinFit 2014 Survey

To help alleviate this issue, your company may have access to the FinFit Financial Wellness benefit.   This benefit helps educate and alleviate many of these financial stresses that your employees may be experiencing.  When employees experience substantial financial challenges, FinFit also provides emergency short-term loans available to employees. Encouraging your employees to be a part of this voluntary financial wellness benefit could be all they need to allow them to focus more on your business and not ask you for help when they have a financial challenge.

The benefits of offering this option are twofold.  Taking this step costs you absolutely nothing and can help improve performance, drive revenues, boost morale and retain more employees. Employees on the other hand are able to achieve financial fitness on their schedule and gain access to short-term loan assistance.

Contact Payroll Partners today if you need more information and/or if you are interested in participating in this financial wellness benefit for your employees.

Subject to credit approval; although no credit check is required, employee must meet eligibility requirements. The FinFit platform is entirely self-contained. No consultants will call your employees or require time and resources from your company to deliver the service. FinFit Loans are provided at no risk to Payroll Partners and employers. Should an employee fail to pay a loan, there is no liability to Payroll Partners or the employer.